A Hollywood mainstay in the mid- to late 2000s for playing handsome, genial everymen, screen performer Josh Henderson revealed himself to be equally at home in numerous genres -- from female-oriented romantic dramas to full-throttle horror. Like many tyros, Henderson kick-started his career with supporting roles, rose to lead billing over the course of numerous projects, and entered the mainstream only gradually; he made one of his earliest feature appearances in the direct-to-video natural horror schlock-fest Leeches! (2003), then embarked down a more earnest dramatic road as Bo Rider, a football player-turned-amputee (and Iraqi War soldier) in Steven Bochco's critically praised but short-lived prime-time series Over There (2005). Following a pivotal supporting role in director Anne Fletcher's inspirational dance-themed drama Step Up, and a multi-season portrayal of wild rebel Austin McCann on Desperate Housewives, Henderson joined Taylor Cole, Scout Taylor-Compton, and others for a lead role in the Butcher Brothers' direct-to-video slasher comedy remake April Fool's Day (2008). In 2011 he appeared in Dragonslayer. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi