White House correspondent and Weekend Today pundit-turned-CNN mainstay Campbell Brown carries a deserved reputation as one of the most articulate news commentators and one of the most gifted celebrity interviewers, be they musicians, politicians, actors, or noted personalities of another stripe. Born in Ferriday, LA, Brown graduated from Regis University in Denver with her bachelor's degree in political science and international relations, then traveled to Czechoslovakia, where she spent a year teaching English. Brown joined NBC News in 1998, first as a correspondent for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and as an occasional substitute anchor for Williams; she subsequently graduated to anchor of Weekend Today. When NBC passed Brown over as a replacement for Katie Couric on Today (replacing Couric with Meredith Vieira), Brown withdrew from the network and hearkened over to CNN (in July 2007), with much press speculation at the time about how the network planned to use its newest hot property. Brown's resumé includes only one major film appearance, in the political documentary The Party's Over (2001), narrated by actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi