Actor Jacob Pitts made his on-camera debut in his twenties and specialized in playing slightly ragged, antisocial rebels. Pitts took one of his first bows as a guest star, with a small role in a 1999 episode of the Comedy Central series Strangers with Candy, then signed for a supporting turn in Peter Yates' made-for-television psychodrama A Separate Peace (2002), a lead in the frat-boy comedy Eurotrip (2003), and a bit part as a rap magazine employee in Julie Taymor's controversial Beatles phantasmagoria Across the Universe (2007). In 2008, Pitts made a memorable contribution to Robert Luketic's inspired-by-real-events thriller 21. He played Fisher, a long-haired MIT brainiac-turned-gambler who makes the fatal mistake of enjoying a drunken night at the gaming tables and letting a few choice words slip to one of his fellow students. He was part of the original cast of another well-regarded series, Justified, when he was cast in the part of Tim Gutterson on that award-winning cable program based on characters created by Elmore Leonard. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi