As much a fixture of Asian martial arts spectaculars as the men in front of the camera, Hong Kong-based choreographer, stuntman, film director, and martial arts instructor Tony Leung Siu-hung enhanced many action films with his abilities and instincts. He studied martial arts under the tutelage of his older brother, who schooled him in such disciplines as wing chun, tae kwon-do, and karate, then struck out on his own by learning kung fu, hung kuen, and a plethora of obscure martial arts styles necessary to establish himself as a choreographer on action films. Motion pictures to which Leung Siu-hung contributed in one of the said capacities include Superfights (1995), Bloodmoon (1997), Double Vision (2002), and Shadow: Dead Riot (2005). Leung Siu-hung is not to be confused with the similarly named Hong Kong cinema mainstays Tony Kar-Fai Leung or Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, who both worked during roughly the same period of time. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi