Kris Jenner is perhaps best known for two familial ties -- an 11-year first marriage to the late O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian (by whom she had several children) and a second marriage to Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner, with whom she also had several children. Aside from hosting a fitness video in 1994, Kris might well have continued to live her life outside of the limelight (and off-camera) were it not for the surge in popularity of reality television that took the U.S. by storm during the mid- to late 2000s. In 2007, the E! network tapped her to co-star (opposite her children and Jenner) in Keeping up With the Kardashians, a reality program that depicted the celebrity family's day-to-day activities, with a particularly strong emphasis on Kris' attempt to manage daughter Kim's career and public image. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi