Roundly hailed as one of the most preeminent news anchors in Los Angeles, Hal Fishman spent over 47 years in broadcasting, including 42 at the same station -- KTLA. In fact, at the time of Fishman's death in early August 2007, he claimed the longest anchoring tenure of any individual in the history of broadcast television. Ironically, Fishman began his career in another field altogether, that of university education. He taught political science at Cal State for several years before graduating to KCOP in 1960, and later to KTLA at the behest of the station's then owner, Gene Autry. From that chair, Fishman made a number of historic broadcasts, including the one that brought the infamous Rodney King incident to the world's eyes and ears. Fishman died at age 75 of liver and colon cancer. Outside of Fishman's news work, he was also a pioneer aviator who set many speed and altitude records. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi