The intense, dark-eyed Gina Philips, known for her role as the reproachful Jenna Miller on Boston Public, was born Gina Consolo on May 10, 1975. She was born in Miami Beach, FL, and attended the University of Pennsylvania for a few years before dropping out in pursuit of a career in acting. In addition to her full-time role on Boston Public, Philips made numerous other television appearances on shows like Ally McBeal, Sliders, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In Born Into Exile (1997), a made-for-TV movie about two lovers who together seek solace from their grievances, Philips starred as Holly Nolan. Complementing her TV career, she was also featured in several major motion pictures. In 1994, she played Lorri in an independent musical called Rave, Dancing to a Different Beat, in which the characters attempted to test the limits of their lives. She made numerous small appearances in addition to the films in which she played larger parts through the 1990s. An adaptation of the Danielle Steel novel of the same name, No Greater Love featured an appearance by Philips as Alexis, in 1996. She starred in Jeff Bleckner's The Advocate's Devil one year later. Victor Salva's 2001 horror film Jeepers Creepers earned much attention as one of the more truly frightening films of the few years preceding it. In it, Philips co-starred with Justin Long, and the film's major notice gave Philips an increase in public attention as well. The following year, she shifted from the thriller genre to the less horrific Anarchist Cookbook, a funny drama about a young man's fascination with anarchism, starring Philips, Devon Gummersal, and Dylan Bruno. ~ Sarah Sloboda, Rovi