A character actress most adept at playing Latina mothers, maids, physicians, and occasional businesswomen, Angélica Aragón officially took her Hollywood bow in the mid-'80s. Unfortunately, she found herself pigeonholed during her first foray into Tinseltown, landing a series of roles in low-budget programmers such as the teen action picture Toy Soldiers (1984) and the Charles Bronson actioner The Evil That Men Do (1984). This experience may have contributed to Aragón's decision to return to Spanish-language efforts, for during the following decade, she contributed almost exclusively to Mexican-produced pictures -- films such as En el Aire (1986), Lo del Cesar, and Pueblo de Madera. Though she would continue to maintain her foothold over the years as a south-of-the-border star, the actress did make a respectable return to Hollywood in A-list material with a small role in the 1995 Keanu Reeves/Anthony Quinn drama A Walk in the Clouds. Aragón's international crossover efforts included the 2002 Crime of Padre Amaro, the 2004 Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and the 2007 Bella, as the mother of international soccer star Jose (Eduardo Verástagui). ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi