With his bald, burly, and threatening presence and "tough guy" appearance, character actor Wade Williams (sometimes billed as Wade Andrew Williams) built a substantial career for himself playing thugs and hoods, initially on American television series. Early series credits, which extend back into the late '90s, include guest-starring appearances on such programs as NYPD Blue, Profiler, and Night Man. In time, Williams extended himself into different genres -- he appeared on HBO's show-business satire The Larry Sanders Show, for instance, on Star Trek: Voyager (in the episode "One"), and in the big-screen Jim Belushi cop comedy K-911. Williams drew greatest attention, however, for his portrayal of psychopath Capt. Brian Bellick, one of the administrators of the penitentiary on the Fox serialized drama Prison Break. Williams reportedly expressed some reservations before taking the role, due to the depraved nature of the character. Wade Williams the actor is not to be confused with the director and producer Wade H. Williams III, known for his high output (and extensive rights ownership) of science fiction titles. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi