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In this taut, low-budget drama, a heated office argument is abruptly curtailed by a terrible disaster that leaves the four contentious participants trapped in a nuclear fallout shelter. It all begins within a large Manhattan bank when Rachel, an ambitious young executive, terminates long-time employee Dan for approving a bum loan. She then informs him that the man who recommended the loan, Will, is taking over his job. Joseph, Dan's personal assistant swears that it is all a surprise to him. The situation is about to explode when a fire alarm sounds and the building begins shaking horribly. In a panic the four flee to the basement where they end up in fallout shelter. Terrified and confused, with only a single water bottle to sustain them, the foursome try desperately to survive while figuring out if the rest of the world is intact outside their prison walls. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi