1. Mike Judge

  2. Cloris Leachman
    (Old Woman On Phone And Bus)

  3. Robert Stack
    (Agent Fleming)

  1. Eric Bogosian
    (Press Secretary)

  2. Richard Linklater
    (Tour Bus Driver)

  3. Pamela Blair
    (White House Tour Guide)

  1. Pamela Blair
    (Flight Attendant)

  2. Eric Bogosian
    (Ranger At Old Faithful)

  3. Eric Bogosian
    (Lieutenant At Strategic Air Command)

  1. Kristofor Brown
    (Old Guy)

  2. Kristofor Brown
    (Man On Plane)

  3. Kristofor Brown
    (2nd Man In Confession Booth)

  1. Kristofor Brown

  2. Tony Darling
    (2nd Motley Crue Roadie)

  3. Tony Darling
    (Tourist Man)

  1. John Doman
    (Airplane Captain)

  2. John Doman
    (White House Representative)

  3. Francis Dumaurier
    (French Dignitary)

  1. Jim Flaherty
    (Petrified Forest Recording)

  2. Tim Guinee
    (Hoover Guide)

  3. Tim Guinee
    (ATF Agent)

  1. Earl Hofert
    (1st Motley Crue Roadie)

  2. Toby Huss
    (Male TV Reporter)

  3. Toby Huss
    (2nd TV Chief)

  1. Toby Huss

  2. Toby Huss

  3. Samuel Johnson
    (Limo Driver)

  1. Samuel Johnson
    (1st TV Chief)

  2. Samuel Johnson
    (1st Man In Confession Booth)

  3. Samuel Johnson
    (Petrified Forest Ranger)

  1. Mike Judge
    (Tom Anderson (Old Man With Camper))

  2. Mike Judge

  3. Mike Judge
    (Van Driessen (Hippie Teacher))

  1. Mike Judge
    (Principal McVicker)

  2. Rosemary McNamara
    (2nd Flight Attendant)

  3. Harsh Nayyar
    (Indian Dignitary)

  1. Karen Phillips
    (Announcer In Capitol)

  2. Dale Reeves
    (President Clinton)

  3. Mike Ruschak
    (General At Strategic Air Command)

  1. Mike Ruschak
    (Hoover Technician)

  2. Gail Thomas
    (Third Flight Attendant)

  3. Gail Thomas
    (Femal TV Reporter)

  1. Jacqueline Barba
    (Agernt Hurly)

  2. Greg Kinnear
    (FBI Agent Bork)

  3. Demi Moore
    (Dallas Grimes)

  1. Bruce Willis
    (Muddy Grimes)

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