1. Leaving Las Vegas [Original Soundtrack]Leaving Las Vegas [Original Soundtrack]

    Release Date: 11/07/95
    Label: ARK 21

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01. Intro Dialogue
02. Angel Eyes
03. Are You Desirable?
04. Ben and Bill
05. Leaving las Vegas
06. Sera's Dark Side
07. Mara
08. Burlesque
09. On the Street
10. Bossa Vega
11. Ben Pawns His Rolex/Sera Talks to Her Shrink
12. My One and Only Love
13. Sera Invites Ben to Stay
14. Come Rain or Come Shine
15. Ben and Sera - Theme
16. Ridiculous
17. Biker Bar
18. Ben's Hell
19. It's a Lonesome Old Town
20. Blues for Ben
21. Get Out
22. Reunited
23. Sera Talks to the Cab Driver
24. She Really Loved Him
25. I Won't Be Going South for a While

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