1. Pocahontas [Score]Pocahontas [Score]

    Release Date: 10/01/95
    Label: Disney

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01. The Virginia Company
02. Ship at Sea [Instrumental]
03. The Virginia Company (Reprise)
04. Steady as the Beating Drum (Main Title)
05. Steady as the Drum (Reprise)
06. Just Around the Riverbend
07. Grandmother Willow [Instrumental]
08. Listen With Your Heart I
09. Mine, Mine, Mine
10. Listen With Your Heart II
11. Colors of the Wind
12. Savages (Pt. 1)
13. Savages (Pt. 2)
14. I'll Never See Him Again [Instrumental]
15. Pocahontas [Instrumental]
16. Council Meeting [Instrumental]
17. Percy's Bath [Instrumental]
18. River's Edge [Instrumental]
19. Skirmish [Instrumental]
20. Getting Acquainted [Instrumental]
21. Ratcliff's Plan [Instrumental]
22. Picking Corn [Instrumental]
23. The Warriors Arrive [Instrumental]
24. John Smith Sneaks Out [Instrumental]
25. Execution [Instrumental]
26. Farewell [Instrumental]
27. Colors of the Wind (End Title)
28. If I Never Knew You

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