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240-Robert was an Emergency-style TV series, set (where else?) in Los Angeles. The program focused on three young members of the L.A. County Sheriff Department's Emergency Service Detail (E.S.D.): Trap (John Bennett Perrry), the leader of the trio; Morgan (Joanna Cassidy), the female chopper pilot; and muscule-bound Thib (Mark Harmon). Aired August 28, 1979, the 90-minute 240-Robert pilot episode included hairbreadth rescues from a mountainside auto accident and a narcotics-related plane crash. When the series swung into its second season, Morgan and Thib were replaced by Sandy (Pamela Hensley) and Brett (Stephan Burns). 240-Robert remained on the air until September 19, 1981. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi