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Heroine Mona (Sally Eilers) is "made" in more ways than one in this free-wheeling spoof of the press-agent business. A would-be suicide, Mona is rescued by public-relations whiz Jeff (Robert Montgomery), who decides to turn the girl into a celebrity -- and line his own pockets in the process. But if she's been used by Jeff, Mona knows how to be a user as well, and soon she's manipulating Jeff, relying on his expertise to save her from a nasty murder rap. Eventually, Jeff gets wise to Mona's game and returns to his sweetheart Claire (Madge Evans), virtually the only 100% honest character in the picture. The film's unsubtle double-edged title was made even more so in England, where it was changed to The Girl I Made. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi