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Lovers Courageous represents a rare direct-to-screen original by Frederick Lonsdale, the playwright responsible for such drawing-room comedies as The Last of Mrs. Cheyney. Robert Montgomery and Madge Evans plays the titular lovers, Willy and Mary. After living a peripatetic existence all over the world, Willy settles in South Africa, where he goes to work for a tobacconist. Here he meets Mary (Madge Evans), the daughter of an aristocratic ex-admiral (Frederick Kerr). The story then develops into a "reverse Cinderella," with the rough-hewn Willy transforming himself into a gentleman, all for the love of "Princess Charming" Mary. Jackie Searl, one of the screen's best "nasty kids," is amusingly if incongruously cast as the younger Willy. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi