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Harrison Ford (the original silent era Harrison Ford) and 1924 WAMPAS Baby Star Alberta Vaughn starred in this comedy-thriller from low-budget Mayfair Pictures Corp. When fussy Ronald Courtney (Tyrell Davis) spots his fiancée, Betty (Vaughn), winking at Donald Ransome (Ford) at a friend's wedding, he demands that they get married that very night. While dumb detective Duffy (Fred Kelsey) is chatting up Marie, the French maid, someone steals a valuable diamond. Duffy demands the gates locked, but Ronald manages to get out. The thief, Donald, manages to smuggle the gem out in a suitcase belonging to Betty, who then heads upstate for her wedding to Ronald. Everybody, including Ronald's weird relatives (Ethel Wales and Arthur Hoyt), ends up at the Peak Inn, where a game of "who's got the diamond" begins. After plenty of traffic up and down stairscases and in and out of closets, Donald, who was only returning the diamond to a friend, is reunited with his highborn girlfriend (Nanette Vallon), while Ronald and Betty are finally able to get on with their nuptials. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi