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The best smuggler in the drug trade finds himself backed into a dangerous corner in this crowd-funded action thriller from Heart of Now director Zak Forsman. The Feds have got nothing on Paul Boxer; a smuggler who never met a problem he couldn't handle with his bare hands, Paul works solo, and he always comes through. Trouble arises, however, when a group of dangerous traffickers coerce Paul into hatching a plan to move several kilos of cocaine from Mexico into the U.S. Meanwhile, a mysterious beauty from Paul's distant past is desperate to make a clean getaway from the criminal lifestyle, and she can't do it without him. Now, in order to help her and finally break free from the criminal syndicate that's trying to control him, Paul must stop running, and take a stand. John T. Woods, Judd Nelson, Paulie Rojas, and Luis Robledo star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi