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A haunted Afghanistan War veteran assumes a false identity while pursuing his pregnant girlfriend's killer through the streets of London in this thriller from writer/director Steven Knight (who previously penned the screenplays for Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things). Upon laying down his guns and returning to London, weary veteran Joey Jones (Jason Statham) survives on teh streets with his expectant girlfriend Isabelle. When Joey draws the wrath of some vicious gangsters, he flees into an empty Covent Garden apartment, and assumes the identity of its absentee owner while slowly recovering from his wounds. Before long, Joey has landed a job in a Chinese restaurant where his skills as a fighter start to come in handy. But any hope Joey had for a happy future is crushed when he learns Isabelle's corpse has been found in a local river. Turning his back on his sympathetic sponsor Sister Cristina as he calls on his connections in the Chinese underworld, the vengeful veteran risks both his life and his freedom to punish the man responsible for Isabelle's untimely death. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi