1. Mark Wahlberg
    (Cade Yeager)

  2. Jack Reynor
    (Shane Dyson)

  3. Nicola Peltz
    (Tessa Yeager)

  1. Stanley Tucci
    (Joshua Joyce)

  2. Abigail Klein
    (Joshua's Assistant)

  3. Peter Cullen
    (Optimus Prime)

  1. Kelsey Grammer
    (Harold Attinger)

  2. Ken Watanabe

  3. Titus Welliver
    (James Savoy)

  1. Ken Watanabe

  2. Reno Wilson

  3. Robert Foxworth

  1. John Goodman

  2. John DiMaggio

  3. Sophia Myles
    (Darcy Tirrel)

  1. TJ Miller
    (Lucas Flannery)

  2. Han Geng
    (Convertible Passenger)

  3. Li Bingbing
    (Su Yueming)

  1. James Bachman
    (Gill Wembley)

  2. Thomas Lennon
    (Chief Of Staff)

  3. Charles Parnell
    (CIA Director)

  1. Erika Fong
    (CIA Analyst)

  2. Michael Collins
    (CIA Analyst)

  3. Zou Shiming
    (Elevator Boxer)

  1. Richard Riehle
    (Theater Landlord)

  2. Patrick Bristow
    (Landlord's Grandson)

  3. Cleo King

  1. Calvin Wimmer
    (Realtor Client)

  2. Glenn Keogh
    (Arctic Site Foreperson)

  3. David Midthunder
    (Arctic Site Guard)

  1. Richard Gallion
    (Air Force Operator)

  2. Nick Horst
    (Air Force Technician)

  3. Kassem Gharaibeh
    (Wembley's Associate)

  1. Ed Welburn
    (KSI Executive)

  2. Yanis Kalnins
    (KSI Security Chief)

  3. Peter A. Kelly
    (KSI Guard)

  1. Jessica Gomes
    (KSI Spokesmodel)

  2. Andreas Beckett
    (KSI Scientist)

  3. Alexander Leeb
    (KSI Scientist)

  1. Jamison Haase
    (KSI Robot Controller)

  2. Drew Wicks
    (KSI Robot Controller)

  3. Gene Shieh
    (KSI Factory Executive)

  1. Woei Bee
    (KSI Factory Executive)

  2. Wang Ying
    (KSI Greeter)

  3. William Wang
    (KSI Worker)

  1. Melanie Specht
    (Joshua's Assistant)

  2. Lin Po Hung
    (Attinger's Driver)

  3. Kevin Covais
    (Dorky Driver)

  1. Blair Adam Baillio
    (Robot Thief)

  2. Mikal A. Vega
    (Cemetery Wind Team)

  3. Andrew Arrabito
    (Cemetery Wind Team)

  1. Michael Wong
    (Hong Kong Police Chief)

  2. Winston Yeh Kingman
    (Hong Kong Man In Suit)

  3. Ray Lui
    (Motorcycle Owner)

  1. Candice Zhao
    (Woman In Elevator)

  2. Li Jun Ting
    (Hong Kong Police Officer)

  3. Howard Y. Woo
    (Hong Kong Police Officer)

  1. Jingsheng Yu
    (Hong Kong Police Officer)

  2. Zhang Tianyu
    (Pangu Hotel Greeter)

  3. Wu Gang
    (Chinese Minister Of Defense)

  1. Teresa Daley
    (Assistant To Minister Of Defense)

  2. Mark Ryan

  3. Frank Welker

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