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An aimless 23 year old who has yet to leave home attempts to prove his self-worth by tracking down his childhood love and convincing her to be his date for an upcoming family wedding. Darryl Strozka was breast fed until he was five years old. As a young boy, his classmate Sarah was the love of his life. These days Sarah is a B-movie starlet, and Darryl seems locked in a state of arrested adolescence. When Darryl gets invited to his cousin's wedding and learns that Sarah is shooting a movie in nearby Moon Point, he convinces his best friend Femur to help him get to the set, and score a date for the big event. Trouble is, the only transportation they've got is Femur's electric wheelchair. Along the way, Darryl and Femur encounter an eccentric array of wanderers and misfits ranging from a scrappy young hitchhiker (Paula Brancati) to a recovering alcoholic in a banana suit while learning just what it means to get a second chance at life. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi