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An immigration agent discovers what should be just another case is becoming personal and complicated in this drama from filmmaker Maggie Peren. Jose (Alex Gonzalez) is a border patrol officer working in the Canary Islands who struggles to stem the tide of illegal immigrants arriving on his city's shores from various African nations. Years of watching death and emotional agony up close, as well as dealing with his drug-addicted sister Marielle (Alba Alonso), has made Jose bitter and emotionally distant, and he finds himself at odds with Nathalie (Sabine Timoteo), a German visitor on the islands who has gotten involved with the struggles of immigrant Zola (Hubert Kounde) and his son Mamadou (Dami Adeeri). Thanks to a casual act of kindness on her part, Zola is convinced Nathalie saved his life, and she soon becomes part of his efforts to stay in Europe, claiming he and his son are refugees from the Congo seeking political asylum. However, Jose thinks Zola may be from Senegal, which would mean deportation for him and his son, and Jose wants Nathalie to stay out of an increasingly complex situation be believes is none of her business. Color of the Ocean received its North American premiere at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi