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One woman's possible alien encounter leads to a variety of social and economic changes in her hometown in this satirical comedy. Kwok Yun (Shi Ke) is a humble woman in her early thirties who works on a farm in a small village in a Southern province of China. Kwok Yun is having a clandestine relationship with principal of the local school, and one afternoon after an assignation with him, she has a strange experience while discovering a peculiar piece of rock; after picking it up, she passes out, and when she awakes, she encounters a strange German man (Udo Kier) who appears to be some sort of alien. When Kwok Yun shares her strange story with friends, it is eventually passed along to the village leader Chief Chang (Mandy Zhang), who sees a golden opportunity to turn the town into a tourist attraction for those interested in extraterrestrial phenomena. While Kwok Yun is sure she's come in contact with a UFO, she's unprepared for what follows as the village elders attempt to make her a low-level celebrity and her quiet village remakes itself into a Mecca for devotees of alien visitation. UFO In Her Eyes was directed by Xiaolu Guo, who adapted the story from her novel of the same name. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi