1. Udo Kier
    (Peg Poett (Theatre Guignol))

  2. Virginia Newcomb
    (Enola Penny (Theatre Guignol))

  3. Amanda Marquardt
    (Squalid Woman (Theatre Guignol))

  1. Ameila Gotham
    (Gypsy (Theatre Guignol))

  2. Jeremy Gladen
    (Naked Man (Theatre Guignol))

  3. Liberty Larsen
    (Little Girl (Theatre Guignol))

  1. Catriona MacColl
    (Mère Antoinette (The Mother of Toads))

  2. Shane Woodward
    (Martin (The Mother of Toads))

  3. Victoria Maurette
    (Karina (The Mother of Toads))

  1. Lisa Crawford
    (The Naked Witch (The Mother of Toads))

  2. Amélie Salomon
    (The Monster (The Mother of Toads))

  3. André Hennicke
    (Axel (I Love You))

  1. Susan Anbeh
    (Mo (I Love You))

  2. Harvey Friedman
    (George (I Love You))

  3. Cynthia Barcomi
    (Mo's Sister (I Love You))

  1. Christian Maria Goebel
    (Mo's Brother-in-law (I Love You))

  2. Debbie Rochon
    (Carla (Wet Dreams))

  3. Tom Savini
    (Dr. Maurey (Wet Dreams))

  1. James Gill
    (Donnie (Wet Dreams))

  2. Jodii Christianson
    (Maxine (Wet Dreams))

  3. Halfbreed Billy Gram
    (Dungeon Master (Wet Dreams))

  1. Lena Kleine
    (Mother (The Accident))

  2. Melodie Simmard
    (Daughter (The Accident))

  3. Jean-Paul Rivière
    (Motorcycle Father (The Accident))

  1. Bruno Décary
    (Motorcyle Son (The Accident))

  2. Kaniehtiio Horn
    (The Writer (Vision Stains))

  3. Cynthia Wu-Maheux
    (Junkie Girl (Vision Stains))

  1. Imogen Haworth
    (Pregnant Woman (Vision Stains))

  2. Rachelle Glait
    (Older Homeless Woman (Vision Stains))

  3. Alex Ivanovici
    (Junkie Man (Vision Stains))

  1. Lindsay Goranson
    (Estelle (Sweets))

  2. Guilford Adams
    (Greg (Sweets))

  3. Lynn Lowry
    (Mikela (Sweets))

  1. Jessica Remmers
    (Antonia (Sweets))

  2. Elissa Dowling
    (Subs (Sweets))

  3. Erin Marie Hogan
    (Test Tube Baby (Sweets))

  1. Jeff Dylan Graham
    (Buzz (Sweets))

  2. Dave Grave
    (Old Punk (Sweets))

  3. Gregg Shore
    (Guitarist (Sweets))

  1. Erica Rhodes
    (Cellist (Sweets))

  2. Tree Carr
    (Kissing Couple (Sweets))

  3. Adam Carr
    (Kissing Couple (Sweets))

  1. Jeffrey Block
    (Chef (Sweets))

  2. Damon Packard
    (Sous-Chef (Sweets))

  3. Bobby Hacker
    (Restaurant Patron (Sweets))

  1. Adam Keese
    (Restaurant Patron (Sweets))

  2. Andrew Schwartz
    (Restaurant Patron (Sweets))

  3. Jill Snyder
    (Restaurant Patron (Sweets))

  1. Whitney Moore
    (Restaurant Patron (Sweets))

  2. Lorry O'Toole
    (Server (Sweets))

  3. Julietta Randall
    (Server (Sweets))

  1. Brett Laudermilk
    (Naked Man (Theatre Guignol))

  2. Christopher Sachs
    (Groom (Theatre Guignol))

  3. Nicole Fabbri
    (Bride (Theatre Guignol))

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