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The sudden disappearance of Boston's most powerful crime boss opens a vacuum of power that plunges the entire city into chaos in this gritty urban thriller from Battle: Los Angeles screenwriter Chris Bertolini. Mike "Madso" Madden (Matthew Marsden) may not be the most powerful criminal in Boston, but he still commands respect as the leader of a feared criminal gang. But the man they call Madso is about to see his world turned upside down; an Irish mob boss has just taken flight, and he's left a virtual fortune stashed somewhere in the city. But finding this hidden treasure won't be easy, because corrupt cops to vicious killers alike have staked their claim on it, and they're all willing to kill anyone who gets in their way. Should Madso manage to reach the prize first, there's no telling how far he may be able to expand his fledgling criminal empire. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi