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A couple of years prior to his two-season run as Gomez on ABC's Addams Family, character actor John Astin headlined another sitcom on the same network, this one titled I'm Dickens. . . He's Fenster. Astin and Marty Ingels starred, respectively, as Harry Dickens and Arch Fenster, two construction workers who shared an incredible klutziness on the job - and consistently wound up in dangerous predicaments. Married Harry was (somewhat) more responsible, single Arch thoroughly spacey and inept. Assisting them from time to time were co-workers Mulligan (Henry Beckman) and Mel Warshaw (Dave Ketchum); Frank DeVol co-starred as Myron Bannister, the men's building contractor. Though amiable, this series failed to connect with much of an audience, and the network cancelled it after a single season. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi