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A neurotic Harvard biochemistry student fears that her fiancé may not be the right man for her, and begins dating other men as a control experiment to determine whether or not she should get married. At the onset of her college career, Sam was a promising student. But lately, her experiments haven't been yielding satisfactory results. When her boyfriend Ben proposes, Sam realizes that she can't commit until she has conclusive data that the union will last. Desperate, she enlists her best friend Leslie to conduct a dating experiment that leads to a number of wild nights. Meanwhile, Sam's academic advisor, Professor Straub, insists that she focus on earning her Ph.D, and her hypochondriac mother moves in to her apartment. Just when it starts to seem like her life can't unravel any further, Sam realizes that sometimes simply getting through each day is the most challenging experiment of all. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi