1. Leslie Nielsen
    (Lt. Frank Drebin)

  2. Priscilla Presley
    (Jane Spencer)

  3. George Kennedy
    (Ed Hocken)

  1. O.J. Simpson

  2. Robert Goulet
    (Quentin Hapsburg)

  3. Tim O'Connor

  1. Ed Williams
    (Ted Olsen)

  2. John Roarke
    (George Bush)

  3. Margery Ross
    (Barbara Bush)

  1. Peter van Norden
    (John Sununu)

  2. Gail Neely
    (Winnie Mandela)

  3. Colleen Fitzpatrick
    (Blues Singer)

  1. Courtney Terrett

  2. Jose Gonzales-Gonzales

  3. Sally Rosenblatt
    (Mrs. Redmond)

  1. Alexander Folk
    (Crackhouse Cop)

  2. Larry McCormick
    (TV Reporter)

  3. Cliff Bemis
    (Barbecue Dad)

  1. D.D. Howard
    (Barbecue Mom)

  2. William Woodson
    (TV Commercial Announcer)

  3. Mel Tormé

  1. Zsa Zsa Gabor

  2. Bill Chemerka
    ('Ladies & Gentlemen, the President...')

  3. Christopher Keene
    ("Hey Ken, Al! Look what I found.")

  1. Ken Kerman
    ("Hey, that's a pretty nice clock.")

  2. Al Fann
    ("It's 4 minutes too slow.")

  3. Tom McGreevey
    ("Very well, sir. It's from the lady.")

  1. James Gilstrap
    ('Always nice to see nice people.')

  2. "Weird Al" Yankovic
    ("You pigs...say your prayers.")

  3. Gina Mastrogiacomo
    ("Is this some kind of bust?")

  1. Jeff Wright
    ("Frank, we got that Sure-Grip suck...")

  2. C. Lindsay Workman
    ('Your coat, sir?')

  3. Datta V. Gokhale
    ('Hey, what the hell happened to the...')

  1. John Stevens
    ('Phone call, Commissioner')

  2. Charlotte Zucker
    ("For a man in a wheelchair, he gets...")

  3. Don Pugsley
    ("He's wired!")

  1. Carlos Betancourt
    ('Ojala que se majore pronto!')

  2. Bernardo Marquez
    ('Recuerdos a todos.')

  3. Margarito Mendoza
    ("Puede decirme donde esta la casa de...")

  1. Claude Jay McLin

  2. Manny Perry
    ("Let's get him.")

  3. Alex Zimmerman

  1. Raynor Scheine
    ("You're on my groin.")

  2. John Fleck
    ("If that's your attitude, forget it.")

  3. Susan Breslau
    (Party Guest)

  1. Leslie Maier
    (Party Guest)

  2. Ron Rosenblatt
    (Mr. Redmond)

  3. Jennifer Kretchmer
    (Barbecue Girl)

  1. Ryan Harrison
    (Barbecue Boy)

  2. David Zucker
    (Davy Crockett)

  3. Robert Weil
    (George Russell)

  1. Robert Weiss

  2. Robert LoCash
    (FBI Agent)

  3. Burton Zucker
    (Lab Technician)

  1. Richard Griffiths
    (Dr. Meinheimer/Earl Hacker)

  2. Lewis Friedman
    (Lab Technician)

  3. Bob Reitman
    (Lab Technician)

  1. Gene Mueller
    (Lab Technician)

  2. Gino Salomone
    (Lab Technician)

  3. Robert J. Elisberg

  1. Mindy Newborn
    (Slave to the Composer)

  2. Jan Campbell
    (Lady in Waiting)

  3. Wendy Hogan
    (Lady in Waiting)

  1. Mark Richman

  2. Don McLeod

  3. Jacqueline Brookes
    (Commissioner Brumford)

  1. Anthony James
    (Hector Savage)

  2. Lloyd Bochner

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