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An undercover cop investigating the disappearance of three small town high school girls makes a shocking discovery while posing as an unassuming transfer student. Three Belmont High students have vanished without a trace, and the pressure is on the police to capture the culprits responsible. Scouring the school hallways in search of clues, detective Maggie Rawdon (Jessica Sonneborn) makes a few new friends, and gets invited to a private rave in the country. Just as the group begins to suspect that they've taken a wrong turn, however, the trap is sprung and Maggie finds out firsthand what fate has befallen the missing girls. Deep in the country, a group of depraved fight fans are forcing teenage girls to fight to the death, and Maggie is about to become the next unwilling contender. Meanwhile, Maggie's loyal boyfriend (Michael McLafferty) senses that something has gone terribly awry with the investigation, and races to find her before the next bout begins. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi