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A young girl develops the ability to see evil in others after witnessing her mother's murder, and attempts to use her powers for good after moving to a new town with her grieving father. Shortly after her mother is killed, Rachel Weiss (Mia Ford) moves with her father to a new town. At first, everything is great; not only does Rachel quickly forge a strong bond with her friendly teacher Mrs. Miller (Lori Heuring), but in no time she's made a new best friend in the form of Michelle (Sammi Hanratti), a precocious young girl with a penchant for pulling pranks. But later, as Michelle's harmless jokes start to grow mean-spirited, a wave of violence engulfs the town. The local children are in grave danger, and now the closer Rachel gets to pin pointing the malevolent source of the attacks, the more she realize she may also hold the key to solving a gruesome murder case. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi