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Identified as the prime suspect in the murder of his pregnant wife on the eve that Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, an innocent black man is brutally interrogated by a pair of racist cops in this tense drama based on actual events. The year is 1979. Conservatism is on the rise in England as prejudiced Officers Karn (Ralph Brown) and Wilby (Rafe Spall) pressure Delroy (Clint Dyer) to confess to the crime that has just destroyed his life. As the results of the election begin to come in, all the two policemen care about is getting the confession they need to throw Delroy in prison. The first weapon in their arsenal is humiliation, but as the evening wears on their approach becomes increasingly hostile. By the time this night is over one man will suffer obscene injustice, and the entire country will enter a precarious new era of unrest. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi