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A young medical student enrolls in the prestigious college where her father once taught in order to investigate his mysterious death, uncovering evidence of conspiracy and corruption at the same time the school loosens its notoriously strict admissions policy. For the past 900 years Bridgeford University, Trinity College has been the learning institution of choice for the wealthy elite. Now, they're about to open their hallowed halls to commoners for the very first time. Her father Richard having recently perished immediately after resigning from Trinity, Charlotte Arc (Antonia Bernath) signs up for classes and prepares to launch an exhaustive investigation. But getting answers won't be easy. The Dandelion Club is a secret society at Trinity that seems to have a tight stronghold on the flow of information. Its members are the richest of the rich; privileged and arrogant, they answer to no one. Meanwhile, malevolent Professor Maltravers (Charles Dance) presides over it all with a diabolical glimmer in his eye, and the student body seems determined to prevent the newest arrivals from hastening the downfall of the mighty institution. Now the closer Charlotte gets to the truth, the greater the danger grows. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi