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In this low-key independent comedy-drama, Richard Johnson stars as Morty, a man with only one clear talent -- making people uncomfortable. This wouldn't seem like much to build a life around, and it isn't -- Morty doesn't have a job, a place of his own or a steady girl. But Morty does better with his skill than most folks would expect; he's become an expert at guilt-tripping friends and casual acquaintances into giving him money (often earmarked for sessions with his analyst, which he clearly needs) and he's able to persuade women to go out with him even as they're creeped out by his behavior. Of course, it's not as if his friends are in much better shape -- they include an artist who tries to snap nude photos of Morty rather than pay him to clean up her studio, the musician who has been banned from performing with others, and the ex-girlfriend who isn't sure why she still associates with him. Given Morty's personality and myriad neuroses, it's anyone's guess who would tale advice from him, but that's what he's about to find out as he launches a career as an unlicensed psychologist, doing talk therapy in the cab of his truck since he can't afford an office. Hell Is Other People was the first feature film from writer and director Jarrod Whaley. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi