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Danny Dyer and Sean Pertwee headline this mock documentary comedy examining the tangled aftermath of a bungled movie shoot. The movie was titled "Just for the Record," and it had all the ingredients of a bona fide hit; the director was an eager up-and-comer, the stars were cast, and the new digital camera was cutting-edge technology. Then, it all just fell apart. One year later, a series of interviews reveal that it wasn't just one man's incompetence that sunk "Just for the Record," but a disastrous series of events brought about by everyone involved: the producer cared more about chasing women and swilling booze than making a quality film; the writer managed to read an entire library's worth of screenwriting books without learning how to tell a story; and the manic depressive editor couldn't keep it together long enough to make even one confident cut. Over the course of the cramped, rushed, underfinanced two-week shoot, the project simply collapsed. Fortunately for aspiring micro-budget filmmakers, the entire fiasco was captured on camera so they can avoid making the same mistakes as this crew. Just for the Record co-stars Rik Mayall, Steven Berkoff, and Victoria Silverstedt. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi