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A scheming grifter desperate to pay off his gambling debts teams with a tech savvy teen to launch a highly-profitable website, and gets in over his head when the situation spirals out of control. His gambling debt sold to a violent gangster (Danny Trejo) by his shady bookie (Brent Briscoe), Luke (C. Thomas Howell) realizes he'll be in serious trouble unless he can make some quick cash. Enter Josh (Michael Welch): an ambitious teen who knows a way to make a killing on the web. Before long Luke and Josh have launched "" a voyeuristic site featuring beautiful women who know how to play their audience. Strip club drink-slinger Brooke (Lauren Walsh) is just as hot as any girl at the club where she works; rebellious escort Sophia (Eve Mauro) is a professional at the fine art of manipulating men; sexy Alex (Sarah Scott) can fleece any competitor at the pool table; and nymphomaniac MILF Naomi (Christina DeRosa) is always looking for a quick roll in the hey. In order to cover the costs of the launch up front, Luke allows well-connected local thug (Tom Sizemore) to skim credit card numbers from users. In no time the cash is rolling in. But when one of the girls becomes the victim of a violent attack, everything starts to unravel. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi