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Three men of wealth and privilege find out first hand how the other half lives in this streetwise drama from Mexican filmmaker Eva López-Sánchez. Rodrigo (Sebastian Hiriart), Juan (Juan Pablo Campa) and Christian (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) are friends in their early twenties who come from wealthy families; they live in Mexico City, but the side of town they know is one where they've been socially and economically insulated from the struggles of people not born with a healthy bank account. One night, the three are out partying and they decide to check out the other side of the city for kicks. Rodrigo, whose over-protective mother hires bodyguards for him, breaks free of his minders and takes a walk through a poor neighborhood, eventually getting to know a female bus driver. Juan thinks he's been befriended by a pair of blue-collar men, but he realizes too late they're after the expensive watch he's wearing. And Christian stumbles into a strip joint where he falls for a dancer named Lucia, but finds out the hard way he has rivals for her affections. La Ultima Y Nos Vamos (aka One For The Road) received its American debut at the 2009 Starz Denver Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi