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A man who makes his living being funny isn't so happy when life turns the joke on him in this comedy from writer and director Craig Freimond. James (Carl Beukes) is a comedy writer who works on one of South Africa's top sitcoms. James has developed a dangerous addiction to cocaine, and though the drugs are bad for his health and emptying his bank account, for James the biggest problem is that they've robbed him of his sense of humor. Between cocaine, his parents' recent move to Australia, his girlfriend's decision to leave him for someone less interesting and the crime, instability and duster salesmen that seem to be inescapable parts life in Johannesburg, James is falling apart, and his friends decide he needs to check into rehab. James is shipped off to a facility in Daspoort where most of the patients seem significantly crazier than he is, and therapy consists of prayer and pop songs of the 1960s. Eventually, James escapes and makes his way back to Johannesburg, where he has to put his life back together on his own. Jozi was an official selection at the 2010 Palm Beach International Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi