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Director Christoph Schaub takes the helm for this comedy addressing the subject of aging through the experiences of a woman who ditches her 50th birthday party to spend the evening with a stranger. Distressed at the realization she can no longer catch the gaze of younger men, 50-year-old Julia (Corinna Harfouch) attempts to assuage her malaise by going shopping, and makes an unexpected acquaintance. Meanwhile, Julia's friends assemble in a local restaurant to celebrate her birthday, but the guest of honor is nowhere to be found. Julia has spontaneously opted for the company of hew new friend over old acquaintances. As speculations as to Julia's whereabouts take a back-seat to nostalgic conversation at the restaurant, two 14-year-old girls get arrested attempting to steal a pair of gold sneakers, prompting deep introspection on the part of their distressed parents. All the while mischievous 80-year-old Leone takes great joy in sabotaging the birthday celebrations being held in her honor at the nursing home where she reluctantly resides. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi