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Big Man Japan writer/director Hitoshi Matsumoto follows up his imaginative feature debut with this surreal tale of a man imprisoned in a massive white room with no windows or doors, and a Mexican wrestler preparing for a pivotal match. Awakening in a sterile colorless box from which there seems to be no escape, the confounded prisoner watches a phallic shape emerge from the wall, and cautiously approaches. Upon pushing the object, he is rewarded with a pink toothbrush. With each attempt to break free, the man is deluged with random items that materialize out of the smooth white walls. In time the room transforms into a strange obstacle course, and the man must figure out how to utilize a toilet plunger, a rope, and a jug of sushi to secure his freedom. Meanwhile, in Mexico, a luchador known as Escargot Man appears unusually stoic while preparing to take on a powerful opponent. What do these two seemingly unrelated stories have in common? The only way to find out for sure is to watch Matsumoto's absurdist comedy, and find out for yourself. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi