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An ambitious young bio-engineer discovers something ominous lurking just beneath the scenic ocean waters of Japan as the Cursed Songs saga continues in this shocking sequel. Mari works at the Pacific Institute. Her family has been involved in the fishing trade for as far back as anyone can remember. As the ocean's fish supplies begin to dwindle, Mari puts her faith in genetics and bioengineering to ensure that future generations won't go hungry. But lately strange things have been happening at the Pacific Institute, and when Mari's best friend Nanako turns up dead, everyone is suitably baffled; it appears that Nanako was devoured by fish, and a closer look at her corpse reveals that she had begun sprouting scales. Nanako may be the first death at the institute, but she won't be the last. As the body count begins to rise, Mari discovers that something in the ocean is biting back. Our time as the dominant species is coming to an end, and in our place will come a new breed of killer that's got a hearty appetite for human flesh. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi