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Syfy's Knights of Bloodsteel is a fantasy adventure miniseries scripted by award-winning writer Sam Egan (the 1990s' The Outer Limits). The sword-and-sorcery epic takes place in the magical kingdom of Mirabilis, which derives its life force from a powerful metal known as bloodsteel. When the bloodsteel begins to run out, wizard Tesselink (Christopher Lloyd) recruits four unlikely knights -- human John Serragoth (David James Elliott), elf Perfidia (Natassia Malthe), goblin Ber-lak (Dru Viergever), and con-man Adric (Christopher Jacot) -- to embark upon a mythic quest to keep what's left of the precious metal from falling into the hands of an evil tyrant named Dragon Eye (Mark Gibbon). ~ Sandra Bencic, Rovi