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Local politics take an inevitable step from democracy into a literal popularity contest in this satiric comedy. Centerville is an idyllic American small town where folks still get along, local business still line the streets and the ills that plague most major cities are still unknown. But when Centerville's mayor announces he's leaving office, he drops a major bombshell on his constituents -- his successor will not be chosen in an election, but in a beauty pageant with the position going to the candidate who most impresses a panel of judges. Before long, seven contestants are vying for the mayoral contest: Cindi Lipton (Mary Faktor), a cheerful average gal who just wants everyone to be happy; Robert Silk (Kaleb Singleton), a slightly smarmy ladies' man; Tony Vincelli (Don Mirti), an inept small time mobster; Lashae Jackson (Crystal Wilson), who seems to know more about fashion and etiquette than politics; John Noble (Kevin McClatchy), a handsome man with a good smile and a really nasty temper; Marty Machody, an artist who is bright but has no idea of how to present himself; and Sloan Murphy (James William Hunter), an expert on local politics who drinks like a fish. On the night of the big contest, the candidates strut their stuff in the "Photo Op," "Handshake" and "Baby Kissing" portions of the program for a packed house of interested locals as master of ceremonies Jerry Springer keeps the show rolling. And The Winner Is was the first feature film from director Christina Grozik. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi