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A young mother struggles to ensure a safe homecoming for her kidnapped son by helping her captors locate millions of dollars in stolen cash. Awakening in a dark room after being knocked unconscious in a car accident, Jamie Taylor (Melissa George) instantly realizes that her son is gone. She's been kidnapped, and so has he. But Jamie's captor (Oded Fehr) isn't interested in collecting a ransom; he needs her to help his mysterious employers recover a sizable sum that was stolen from them by her husband, who, unbeknownst to Jamie, is a very dangerous man. The heavies in charge believe that Jamie may be the only one capable of helping them locate their loot, but now that her life has been upended she isn't sure who or what to believe anymore. The only thing Jamie knows is that she wants her son back, and in order to make that happen she will attempt to sort out the clues of the life she only thought she knew. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi