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This seriocomic British TV series stars Warren Clarke and Anthony Head as Maurice Riley and Syd Woolsey, a pair of professional burglars who have always managed to evade capture or detection, thereby earning the soubriquet "The Invisibles." Hoping to spend their declining days as peaceful pensioners in a Devon fishing village, Maurice and Syd's dreams of retirement when they run out of the money they've pilfered over the years. Now forced to return to the "old life", our heroes find that they are woefully out of touch with modern criminal methods, obliging them to team up with Hedley Huthwaite (Dean Lennox Kelly), the larcenous but none-too-ambitious son of their former partner in crime. Meanwhile, Maurice must deal with his wife Barbara (Jenny Agutter), who wants him to pack it in and lead an honest life, and with his daughter Grace (played by Anthony Head's real-life daughter Emily Head), whom he has carefully shielded from his perfidious activities and who is completely in the dark as to what her dear old dad has been doing for a living. As for the much-married Syd, he must learn how to get along without women complicating his "second career". Created by William Ivory, The Invisibles (working title: Desperadoes) initially ran for six hour-long episodes on BBC1 from May 1 to June 5, 2008. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi