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A brash would-be psychologist imposes himself on a man who needs his help . . . or does he? Carl Arendsen (Emil Johnsen) is a young man who is studying to be a psychotherapist and imagines he already has the skills to do the job. While attending a workshop on new therapeutic techniques, Carl hears about Roy Blomberg (Bjorn Andersson), a man in his mid-fifties who is grossly overweight and hasn't left his home in a year and a half. Roy believes he's suffering from a wide variety of medical problems, but Carl is convinced his troubles are imaginary and that he can put him on the road to a healthy life. Carl persuades Roy and his wife to let him try a bold program of treatment, and Carl and Roy retreat to a small cottage in a rural area, where Carl puts his new patient on a strict regimen of exercise, healthy food and sessions of talk therapy. After a while, Roy's wife begins to have doubts about Carl's competence, and Roy himself has rejected Carl and his program. Guidance was the first feature film from writer and director Johan Jonason. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi