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Robert (character actor David Thornton) is a grumpy burned-out musician, trying to survive in Manhattan. When his fed-up friend Rose (Thornton's real-life wife Cyndi Lauper in a small role) throws him out of her apartment, the destitute Robert reluctantly makes a deal with the young Serbian, Branko (Branislav Trifunovic), who's moving his stuff out. For a hefty fee, Robert agrees to fly to Belgrade and marry Branko's girlfriend, Ivana (Jelena Mrdja), so that she can move to New York. Branko gives him a down payment, and Robert goes to Belgrade and moves in with Branko's mother, Olga (Mirjana Karanovic of Emir Kusturica's When Father was Away on Business and Underground). Robert is predictably miserable there, unimpressed with the city's culture and unresponsive to Olga's kindness. Back in New York, Branko faces his own struggles. While he's desperately trying to raise the money to pay Robert, his van is stolen. He begs Robert to stay in Belgrade for another week until he can send the money. Devoid of options, Robert agrees, and, despite himself, slowly begins to enjoy his stay. Here and There marks the narrative feature debut of writer-director Darko Lungulov. The film had its International Premiere at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, where it won the award for Best New York Narrative. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi