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A big city radio jock gets a crash course in small town love when his dream job dried up, and he enters into a playful battle of wills with a DJ who dishes out relationship advice. Jack Proctor (Beau Clark) was on his way to L.A. when he stopped in Coyote County to fill up on gas, and caught an earful of Dr. Lauren Hartford (Nikki Boyer) on K-RAP. When the deal on Jack's L.A. job proves DOA, he takes a temp job at the local station and he immediately clashes with the local love doctor. Nonplussed by Dr. Lauren's eagerness to challenge his expert advice in a public forum, Jack cooks up a contest that has the local losers competing for a date with Coyote County's most eligible bachelorette. Later, as the ongoing feud between Jack and Dr. Lauren plays out over the public airwaves, the locals remain riveted to their radios and the ratings shoot through the roof. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi