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The Griffins and other denizens of Quahog continue their no-holds-barred animated satire in the seventh season, which boasts the two-part Star Wars spoof, Blue Harvest. Other highlights: Griffin patriarch Peter (voice of Seth MacFarlane) is accused of murdering wife Lois (Alex Borstein), becomes paralyzed after eating too much fast food, and decides to become a pirate. And not to be outdone, Brian shacks up with Jillian (Drew Barrymore), Joe (Patrick Warburton) has a leg transplant, and Meg (Mila Kunis) gets serious with a cute hospital intern. Notable Season 7 voice cameos include Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Chace Crawford, Amanda Bynes, James Woods, Barry Manilow, Harvey Fierstein, and Ricardo Montalban. ~ Kathy LeSage, Rovi