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Director Vivian Naefe's 2006 Die Wilden Hühner (The Wild Chicks) jump-started one of the most commercially successful German franchises of the early 21st century, with its tale of a clique of five girlfriends, navigating that rocky journey from childhood into adulthood. The third installment, 2009's The Wild Chicks and Life, marked the first film in the series since 2007's The Wild Chicks in Love. This time around, the young women are now 14 years old and find themselves wrapped up in the throes of middle school adolescence. Melanie (Sonja Gerhardt) quietly struggles with her own personal secret and a burning need to confide in her friends, while Sprotte (Michelle von Treuberg) feels seriously out of touch with the surrounding world. Each of the other members also deals with a quiet personal struggle, but they ultimately find that the intimacy of friendship helps them bound over the differences and brings them closer. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi