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Filmmaker Luke Heppner explores the plight of Hurricane Katrina's unknown victims in this documentary about the 250,000 pets that were barred from the evacuation and forced to fend for themselves as the waters continued to rise. Swimming though toxic rivers and huddling helplessly on waterlogged roofs, these injured, hungry, and frightened pets would soon become the subjects of the largest pet rescue in history as concerned volunteers from America and Canada put their own safety aside and ventured into the deserted city. From the frail cat who had withered away to skin and bones to the gentle rottweiler who survived on the street for two months and the tiny hamster who checked into a local hotel to weather the storm, these desperate survivors were fed, bathed, and gently nursed by an entire legion of hard-working volunteers. Narrated by Kevin Bacon, New Orleans Animal Rescue allows animals lovers to follow along as these pets are reunited with their owners and adopted by people across the country. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi